BDO Guide: Witch Awakening skill guide (2024)

Following our Wizard Awakening guide published a week ago, we decided to releaseWitch Awakening guide this time with recommended skills and combos. Witch uses a set of magical orbs as her Awakening Weapon like Wizard does, but in fact wields different types of magical power. Godr Sphera and Aad Sphera are two separateitems, and they also result in different skill set and combat style. General opinion is that Witch's Awakening skills are mostly good, but prioritizing certain skills can help you save skill points and grow faster. For those who had just begun their journey as a Witch or a Wizard, we also have our Witch&Wizard pre-Awakening guidecomingup.

Author's note

- The following guideis written as a collection of short guides in BDO Inven KR's Witch community.
- Recommended skills and combos are mainly influenced by 은빛이도(Eunbityeedo)'s guide, and other community members' opinions and experiments have been referenced for credibility.
- Certain information, names, and terms may not fully match with NA/EU client.

Witch Awakening skill guide

Witch’s flow skills enhance the damage output with her Keepers like Wizard does with his Arne and Marg. While Wizard’s Awakening skills are composed of water and fire, Witch utilizes elemental power of earth and lightning. Her two Keepers, Gorr and Tett, each represent earth and lightning respectively. Almost all Awakening skills of Witch deserve being maxed out, but we can still differentiate which ones are being used more frequently than others.

Witch’s typical PvE combo after Awakening is as follows:

1. Cast Toxic Flood in a densely populated area as you do with Magic Lighthouse before Awakening.
2. Deal damage with Equilibrium Break, Thunder Storm, Voltaic Pulse, and Detonative Flow.
3. Finish the remaining monsters with Detonative Flow and Equilibrium Break.

Witch’s typical PvP combo after Awakening goes as follows:

Detonative Flow[down] - Toxic Flood - Thunder Storm - Equilibrium Break - Voltaic Pulse

Awakening attack skills

Each skill is rated by the total of 3 stars.The most popularskill add-ons are bolded. However, keep in mind that what add-on you choosereally dependson what combo you use, what type of buff/debuff you prefer, and if you prioritize PvP or PvE.

Equilibrium Break ★★★

PvE damage: +20 for 8 seconds
Enemy MP: -10 immediately
Enemy attack speed: -4% for 7 seconds
Enemy casting speed: -4% for 7 seconds
Enemy movement speed: -4% for 7 seconds
Bleed damage: 210 in 15 seconds

This skill feels strong, and is actually strong both in PvE and PvP. Its 6 second cooldown makes Equilibrium Breaka favorable skill to spam while grinding, and Flow: Gohr Launch takes Equilibrium Break to a whole new level. When going for PvP, down the target first with Detonative Flow and use this skill with Gohr. You will see the enemy beg for mercy.

Thunder Storm ★★★

HP recovery: +3 immediately
PvE damage: +20 for 8 seconds
Accuracy: +3% for 12 seconds
Enemy attack speed: -4% for 7 seconds
Enemy casting speed: -4% for 7 seconds
Burn damage: 150 in 9 seconds

Thunder Storm has lower damage than Equilibrium Break but comes with a broader AoE. 100% chance of Critical Hit is definitely a plus, and it also stuns the enemy upon a successful hit. The stun effect comes in handy during PvP, as it gives Witch a second chance to land more attacks. Flow: Rage Tett further enhances this skill to makeup for the skill’s relatively low damage.

Voltaic Pulse ★★☆

MP recovery: +3 immediately
Defense: +10 for 10 seconds
Evasion: +5% for 10 seconds
Enemy MP: -5 immediately
Enemy movement speed: -4% for 7 seconds
Bleed damage: 210 in 15 seconds

Relatively short cooldown and PBAoE around the character make this a frequently used skill, but the damage is not sogreat until you learn Flow: Voltaic Tett at level 60. The AoE is not as broad as Thunder Storm, but knocking the enemies on the ground is certainly a plus.

Toxic Flood ★★★

Basically Magic Lighthouse with additional damage; Toxic Flood is used frequently, especially in tougher grinding areas. The cooldown is 15 seconds, but 7.5 seconds of effective time make it feel like the skill’s cooldown is only 7.5 seconds.
This skill is favorable also in PvP.The Detonative Flow - Toxic Flood - Thunder Storm - Equilibrium Break combo can melt enemies that are of similar level and gear.
Keep in mind that if you use this skill along with Magic Lighthouse, Magic Lighthouse takes the aggro.

Yoke of Ordeal ★☆☆

Casting speed: +4% for 5 seconds
PvP damage: +5 for 5 seconds
Enemy attack speed: -4% for 7 seconds
Enemy casting speed: -4% for 7 seconds
Enemy movement speed: -4% for 7 seconds
Bleed damage: 210 in 15 seconds

Yoke itself does not deal significant damage, but Flow: Gohr Roll makes Yokea decent attack skill. However, it takes a while to land all the hits and the Equilibrium Break + Voltaic Pulse combo promises betterDPS. Even when you down the enemy in PvP, it is hard to land all the hits of Yoke, and you are immediately exposed to danger if the enemy manages to recover before you are done casting Yoke. It is viable in some situations, but there are more generally favorable combos than this one.

Detonative Flow ★★☆

MP recovery: +3 immediately
Movement speed: +7% for 10 seconds
Defense: +10 for 10 seconds
Evasion: +3% for 10 seconds
Enemy MP: -25 in 15 seconds
Enemy movement speed: -4% for 7 seconds

You can spam this skill even while it’s on cooldown, but this skill’s slow casting speed makes it a less favorable strategy. Detonative Flow is used mainly to initiate combos with Down Attacks and to finish off the remaining monsters after a round of skillshots. Use Equilibrium Break after this one for a favorable outcome.

Fissure Wave ★★☆

Casting speed: +4% for 5 seconds
Critical hit rate: +10% for 9 seconds
PvP damage: +5 for 5 seconds
Enemy movement speed: -4% for 7 seconds
Poison damage: 240 in 18 seconds
3% chance to freeze the enemy

This is Witch’s only Awakening skill in which the Flow skill creates additional hits instead of enhancing the skill itself. Complaints are being raised regarding Flow: Perfect Sign due to the skill’s questionable hitbox. The skill does not hit those that are close up front while those that are standing next to the character are hit. However, the combo’s decent damage makes Fissure Wave + Perfect Sign a favorable combo in the early stages of Awakening.

Awakening utility skills

Witch continues to use pre-Awakening utility skills even after Awakening, and utility skills that are centered around Aad Sphera tend to focus more on defense and Mana rather than health regeneration.

Aad Sphera Training ★★★

Mana regeneration through normal attacks has become a lot easier with Aad Sphera. Move while you attack to make it slightly faster.

Psyche of Aad Sphera ★★★

This is a decent buff skill that comes in handy during Node Wars.

Crevice Protection ★☆☆

This defense skill is quite effective against monsters but is way too slow to use in PvP.

Paralysis ★★★

This skill is effective, especially in PvP, or any 1v1 situation, as it slows the enemy by 50% for 5 seconds. You may miss the target, but it’s definitely worth trying. The casting animation is also not long at all.

Pre-Awakening skills that are still frequently used after Awakening

Teleport, Ultimate: Teleport [key command]
Healing Aura [quick slot]
Healing Lighthouse [quick slot]
Spellbound Heart [quick slot]
Magic Lighthouse [quick slot]
Mind Training [effective also for Aad Sphera]
Magical Shield [quick slot]
Speed Spell [quick slot]

Pre-Awakening skills that do not swap back to Staff

Teleport, Ultimate: Teleport [key command]
Healing Aura [quick slot]

Always remember to swap back to Aad Sphera, and to do so while on foot to reduce the delay.

BDO Guide: Witch Awakening skill guide (2024)


What are the elements of the witch in BDO? ›

Witch focuses the powers of fire, ice, wind, lighting, earth, and other elements on her staff to burn, freeze, and annihilate her enemies. No one can match her ability to rain down devastation in an instant.

What is the weapon of a witch in BDO? ›

Their main weapon is a staff, and their secondary weapon is a dagger. At level 56, Witch unlocks her awakening which is the Aad Sphera. This high damage dealing class also has a range of support skills which make them highly desirable for large scale PVP.

What is the witch's complete guide to? ›

The Witch's Complete Guide to Self-Care is a modern guide for the modern witch filled with ways to reclaim your purpose and sense of self. Everything you need is already inside you, you just have to unlock your potential and manifest the future you deserve and desire.

What is the best weapon in BDO? ›

Blackstar Greatsword:- While the awakening Blackstar weapon shares additional monster damage with its main-hand counterpart, it holds slightly lower monster damage. As a result, obtaining the main-hand Blackstar is usually prioritized first. For PvE content, the Blackstar Greatsword stands as the ultimate weapon.

How do you get the awakening weapon in BDO? ›

When you complete your Awakening questline, will be rewarded with a Canon Awakening weapon to get you started. If you are playing a season character, you will also get a TRI Tuvala Awakening Weapon. All classes also have access to the Dandelion Awakening Weapons, which are the next step up from Canon/Tuvala.

What does the spell magic weapon do? ›

You touch a nonmagical weapon. Until the spell ends, that weapon becomes a magic weapon with a +1 bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls. At Higher Levels: When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 4th level or higher, the bonus increases to +2.

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What are the traits of fairies in BDO? ›

- Fairies have six traits in total: cheerful, honest, relaxed, bold, creative, and friendly. - Fairy trait points can either be increased or decreased via [Fairy Bond - Talk - Request] and Fairy Events.

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