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Travel arrangements at UMD, including pre-approval, flight and rail booking and group travel arrangements, are made through Concur. The first step in using Concur is creating a traveler or delegate profile. For answers to most questions, see the Concur Help Center.

  • All travelers and delegates are required to create a Profile in Concur prior to obtain approval for travel events or making travel arrangements.
  • The Concur Profile contains critical information needed to seek approval, book trips, and process expense reports.
  • The traveler's name in Concur must match the name on the ID used during travel (State-issued ID card, Driver's License, Passport). This is the name that will be on the tickets.
  • Tcard and personal credit card numbers can be loaded into Concur to make the selection of payment types easy for travelers and delegates.
  • When setting up your Profile make sure to verify your UMD email address and any other email addresses you want to add
  • Delegates can be assigned by the traveler in Concur.
  • Concur Profile job aids, training and support can be found on the Concur Help Center page.
  • Pre-approval is required for ALL UMD employees and sponsored visitors out-of-state, overnight and international travel.
  • Pre-approval is obtained by having afully approvedrequest in Concur and must be done prior to booking travel or making reservations. This is the official documentation that you are allowed to travel on behalf of UMD.
  • Once approval is obtained, the traveler or their delegate can book their travel.
  • Travelers and Delegates are expected to book the least expensive, practical itinerary regardless of the booking or payment method.
  • Campus departments are required to use Concur Travel or Collegiate Travel Planners to book all air and rail tickets (ex: Amtrak for out of State travel) regardless of use of Tcard or personal credit card. However, if the traveler’s loyalty program numbers are connected in Concur, air travel may be booked directly with the airline and the itinerary and e-receipts will automatically load in Concur. Use of any third party travel providers (e.g., Kayak, Expedia, is prohibited. This does not apply to commuter rail systems.
  • Southwest Airlines can be booked through Concur directly. If you book a flight with Southwest Airlines, any flight changes must be done directly with Southwest Airlines, not with CTP.
  • Electronic booking using Concur should be the first option for booking domestic and non-complex international flights.
  • Complex International travel is defined as a round-trip ticket itinerary containing more than 5 segments (including surface segments) or a round-trip ticket itinerary containing more than 2 business-required lodging stop-overs. Stop-overs required for overnight or next-day connections required by airline schedule are not treated as business-required. For assistance in booking complex international travel contact CTP.
  • Tickets booked on Concur, or through CTP, using a personal credit card will not be reimbursed until travel is completed.
  • Travelers and Delegates should book refundable tickets in instances when cancellation may occur. Nonrefundable tickets, while less expensive, have more restrictions.
  • UMD will not reimburse for tickets that had no cost such as “free” tickets earned through frequent flyer miles, incentive programs, and gift cards/vouchers.
  • Concur allows for booking of flights and rail passage and automatically applies UMD-contracted discounts with Amtrak and Delta, American, United, and Southwest airlines.
  • Concur job aids, training and support can be found on the Concur Help Center page.
  • You may book lodging and ground transportation in Concur or with CTP, but if traveling to a conference or event that offers a discounted hotel rate, book the hotel room through the conference or event site to ensure the group discount is included and no additional fees are incurred.
  • For lodging, a ghost card can be used to reserve a room in Concur however, a physical card must be presented at the time of check-in. Departments may pay for a hotel room for another guest as long as they have a credit card authorization form filed with the hotel for that particular reservation.
  • Stay in lodging with verifiable, reasonable, and appropriate rates as compared to other lodging options at the travel destination at that time. If rates obtained do not appear to be reasonable, CTP can assist in identifying appropriate lodging arrangements. UMD does not reimburse for premium lodging (suites, non-standard rooms) at the preference of the traveler.
  • A physical card must be presented when picking up a rental vehicle along with your UID card.
  • Upload your receipts electronically via email, scan, or via the CONCUR mobile app.
  • Collegiate Travel Planners (CTP) is the UMD Designated Travel Management Company. CTP is a premier, woman-owned Travel Management Company and a Concur partner.
  • CTP is available to assist travelers with complex international travel*and arrange for group travel events. Contact CTP for agent assisted bookings at:
    • CTP Travel Team Hours:Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-6:00 pm ET
    • Phone:833-620-0714 (toll free)- normal business hours and after-hours
    • normal business hours only
    • Air/Rail Booking Fees:Online booking with Concur = $3.50; Agent Assisted = $25.00

      International agent-assisted = $27.00



Department: Contact information should you have a need for any non-athletic group travel. Intercollegiate Athletics will continue to be supported by Anthony Travel.

  • CTP Group Travel Hours:Monday-Friday, 9:00 am-6:00 pm ET
  • Phone:800-810-2695 (toll free), 210-530-0857- normal business hours only
  • normal business hours only

*Complex International travel, for flights, is defined as a round-trip ticket itinerary including more than 5 segments (including surface segments) or a round-trip ticket itinerary including more than 2 business-required lodging stop-overs. Stop-overs for overnight or next-day connections required by airline schedule are not treated as business-required.

UMD encourages travelers to download the mobile apps SAP Concur (Android, iPhone) and TripIt Pro for use while in travel status or when away from the office.Approvers can approve requests and expense reports in the Concur app.

  • Concur job aids for the mobile apps can be found on the Concur Help Center page under How To... Guides.

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Concur Mobile

Concur provides a mobile application that allows users the ability to:

  • View an itinerary
  • Book a flight
  • Book Amtrak
  • Open, edit, and upload receipts
  • Create an expense report
  • Move expenses to the expense report

Travel Arrangements | Procurement & Business Services (2)

TripIt Pro

Tripit Pro is a mobile app that works with Concur to help the traveler manage their itinerary. Tripit Pro can:

  • Identify a better seat if one becomes available
  • Notify you if your airfare drops after you book
  • Remind you to check in 24 hours before your flight
  • Keep track of your reward programs (frequent flyer miles, points, etc.)
  • Allow you to share your travel plans with others
  • Allow you to add hotel, car, and other reservations booked outside of Concur to complete a full itinerary
  • Allow you to view your itinerary across multiple devices
  • Notify you of flight status
  • Help you find alternative flights if needed
  • Let you know how long it will take to get through security at the airport

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Travel Arrangements | Procurement & Business Services (2024)


What are examples of travel arrangements? ›

Travel Arrangements means travel reservations or accommodations, tickets for domestic or foreign travel by air, rail, ship, bus, or other medium of transportation, or hotel or other lodging accommodations for members.

How to make travel arrangements for your boss sample? ›

Prepare all documentation
  1. Check passport is in date.
  2. Double-check any travel visas.
  3. Print car/travel insurance information.
  4. Print any COVID-19 travel documents (vaccination certificates, test documentation, etc) TravelPerk's. ...
  5. Prepare and print an in-depth itinerary: including meetings and other planned activities.

How to make travel arrangements as a personal assistant? ›

The Executive Travel Planning Checklist
  1. Confirm travel dates and times.
  2. Book transportation and accommodations.
  3. Set up a dedicated emergency contact person.
  4. Install travel apps on the executive's phone.
  5. Regularly update the preference database.
  6. Create a detailed travel itinerary.

What do you mean by travel arrangements? ›

travel arrangements: preparations for a journey, plans for making a trip idiom.

What are the five steps for making travel arrangements? ›

5 Tips to Start Planning a Trip
  1. Find Your Destination. The first thing you will need to decide upon, when planning your trip, is what destination do you want to visit? ...
  2. Decide The Length of Your Trip. ...
  3. Book Flights & Travel Accommodations. ...
  4. Get Inspired by Local Activities & Attractions. ...
  5. Packing Your Bags.
Nov 30, 2023

How do you write a professional travel itinerary? ›

A good business travel itinerary includes:
  1. Flight details. Flight numbers. Travel schedule. ...
  2. Transportation information. Car rental pricing and details. Pick-up locations. ...
  3. Accommodation details. Hotel booking check-ins. Hotel information. ...
  4. Trip details. Meeting schedule. Trip planner. ...
  5. Plus any trip-specific extra info.!
Dec 30, 2022

How do I organize my business travel? ›

Top 25 Business Travel Planning Tips
  1. Determine Your Travel Needs. Before you begin making any arrangements for your trip, you'll need to figure out your travel needs. ...
  2. Set Your Budget. ...
  3. Book Flights and Accommodations. ...
  4. Plan Your Schedule. ...
  5. Pack Efficiently. ...
  6. Stay Connected. ...
  7. Take Advantage of Technology.
Jan 19, 2024

What should be included in a detailed trip itinerary for your boss? ›

What Should a Corporate Travel Itinerary Include
  • Transportation time and details. Include the overall business travel transportation details, such as the flight, arrival, departure times, and terminals. ...
  • Details about the hotel/accommodation. ...
  • Day-to-day schedule details.

Who help people make travel arrangements? ›

The primary role of a travel agent is to help people make travel arrangements, which might include booking flights, hotels, sightseeing tours, and making dining recommendations. A travel agent assesses each customer's unique needs, preferences, and budget to ensure their trip goes as smoothly as possible.

What does a travel arranger do? ›

A travel arranger (also called a travel assistant) is an individual authorized to book travel in the Concur Travel & Expense System, on behalf of another employee. Travel arrangers can view another's upcoming trips in Concur, whether those trips were booked using Concur or Christopherson Business Travel.

Why is it important to have a checklist before a business trip? ›

Forget important business documents and you could be risking anything from your professional reputation to a client relationship. These are all easy mistakes to make, but you can see how much they would cost your business to put right – and cause you stress in the process.

How do I make travel arrangements for my boss? ›

7 Steps for Making Travel Arrangements for Your Boss in 2024:
  1. Collect Travel Details.
  2. Research Transportation Options.
  3. Book Accommodations.
  4. Arrange Ground Transportation.
  5. Handle Travel Documentation.
  6. Manage Itinerary and Expenses.
  7. Coordinate Communication.

Why is travel arrangement important? ›

If you have a travel itinerary, you can estimate the cost of your travel beforehand. Knowing how much you are going to spend makes it easier to plan your budget. Easier and faster travel from one point to another. Although the internet make it look easy to go from one place to another, reality is different.

What are normally the main objectives of a business trip? ›

Most companies require their employees to plan and carry out business travel to achieve various objectives like sales, service, training, event participation, and project-related work. There are many benefits of business travel, especially in terms of networking and expanding the company's reach.

What are the 4 types of travel itinerary? ›

* Travel package: An itinerary especially for travel. * Outbound package: An itinerary prepared for domestic tourists to visit foreign countries. * Inbound package: An itinerary prepared for foreigners to visit our country. * Domestic tours: An itinerary prepared for local people to visit own country.

Which of the following arrangements was made for travel? ›

Solution: Stepwells, piau and leather bags were arranged for travellers as the people at that time used to make long journies with their caravan of animals and goods.

What is a travel document example? ›

The most common form of travel document is the passport, a booklet-form identity document issued by national authorities or the governments of certain subnational territories containing an individual's personal information as well as space for the authorities of other jurisdictions to affix stamps, visas, or other ...

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