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Enbridge Inc.


About ENB

Enbridge, Inc. engages in the provision of gas and oil. It operates through the following segments: Liquid Pipelines, Gas Distribution and Storage, Gas Transmission and Midstream, Renewable Power Generation, and Energy Services. The Liquids Pipelines segment consists of common carrier and contract crude oil, natural gas liquids and refined products pipelines and terminals in Canada and the U.S., including Canadian Mainline, Regional Oil Sands System, Southern Lights Pipeline, Spearhead Pipeline, Seaway Crude Pipeline interest, and other feeder pipelines. The Gas Distribution & Storage segment consists of natural gas utility operations, the core of which is Enbridge gas, which serves residential, commercial and industrial customers. It also includes natural gas distribution activities in Quebec and an investment in Noverco, which holds a majority interest in a subsidiary entity engaged in distribution and energy transportation primarily in Quebec. The Gas Transmission & Midstream segment consists of investments in natural gas pipelines, processing and green energy projects, the company's commodity marketing businesses, and international activities. The Renewable Power Generation segment consists primarily of investments in wind and solar power generating assets, as well as geothermal, waste heat recovery, and transmission assets. The Energy Services segment consists of businesses in Canada and the United States including logistical services, refinery supply services and the firm's volume commitments on various pipeline systems. The company was founded on April 30, 1949 and is headquartered in Calgary, Canada.






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Jul 08 3:55am ET Barclays Remains a Hold on Enbridge (ENB) by TipRanks Jun 24 7:06am ET Enbridge, Six Nations to advance wind energy project in Saskatchewan by TipRanks Jun 15 8:30am ET Analysts Offer Insights on Energy Companies: Enbridge (ENB) and Imperial Oil (IMO) by TipRanks Jun 10 6:46am ET Barclays Sticks to Their Hold Rating for Enbridge (ENB) by TipRanks Jun 04 8:05am ET Jefferies Reaffirms Their Buy Rating on Enbridge (ENB) by TipRanks Jun 04 6:45am ET Wells Fargo Keeps Their Sell Rating on Enbridge (ENB) by TipRanks Jun 04 6:34am ET Enbridge price target raised to C$48 from C$45 at Wells Fargo by TipRanks Jun 03 7:16am ET Dominion announces closing of sale of Questar, Wexpro for $4.3B by TipRanks Jun 03 7:07am ET Enbridge completes acquisition of Questar Gas Company by TipRanks May 23 8:45am ET Largest borrow rate increases among liquid names by TipRanks May 22 6:08pm ET Enbridge Launches Equity Program to Fund Acquisitions by TipRanks May 21 11:24pm ET AI Revolution Lifts Gas Pipeline Stocks by TipRanks May 16 7:08am ET Enbridge files to enable at-the-market equity issuance program by TipRanks May 13 4:14pm ET Wall Street Analysts Are Bullish on Top Energy Picks by TipRanks May 13 12:40pm ET Analysts Offer Insights on Energy Companies: Baytex Energy (BTE), Enbridge (ENB) and Journey Energy (OtherJRNGF) by TipRanks May 13 11:46am ET Enbridge price target raised to C$54 from C$52 at BMO Capital by TipRanks May 13 11:34am ET Enbridge price target raised to C$53 from C$52 at National Bank by TipRanks May 13 11:26am ET Enbridge price target raised to C$54 from C$50 at Scotiabank by TipRanks May 13 9:45am ET Enbridge (ENB) Receives a Buy from CIBC by TipRanks May 13 7:27am ET Enbridge: A Balanced Hold Amid Growth and Regulatory Uncertainty by TipRanks May 13 6:41am ET Analysts Are Bullish on Top Energy Stocks: Enbridge (ENB), Baytex Energy (BTE) by TipRanks May 10 7:37am ET Enbridge Inc. Posts Strong Q1 Earnings Growth by TipRanks May 10 7:05am ET Options Volatility and Implied Earnings Moves Today, May 10, 2024 by TipRanks May 10 7:02am ET Enbridge reports Q1 adjusted EPS C$0.92 vs C$0.85 last year by TipRanks May 09 11:07am ET Enbridge Welcomes New Director, Commits to Sustainability by TipRanks May 09 8:45am ET Largest borrow rate increases among liquid names by TipRanks May 06 7:01am ET Options Volatility and Implied Earnings Moves This Week, May 06 – May 10, 2024 by TipRanks Apr 26 9:46pm ET RBC Capital Keeps Their Buy Rating on Enbridge (ENB) by TipRanks Apr 25 4:05pm ET Stifel Nicolaus Remains a Hold on Enbridge (ENB) by TipRanks Apr 24 12:18pm ET Enbridge Maintains Dividend Payouts for Shareholders by TipRanks

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