Julie Gonzalo's Facial Scar and 9 Other Things To Know About The Actress (2024)

Julie Gonzalo seems to have a thing for playing mean girl roles and a critical mind might claim it has been accentuated by the scar above the bridge of her nose. The Argentine-American actress has come a long way in the entertainment industry. While many people came to know her from the multiple Hallmark Channel television movies she has been a part of, the hallmark of her career is playing Pamela Rebecca Barnes on Dallas, a prime time television soap opera that aired on TNT from June 2012 to September 2014.

Disregarding the series developed by Cynthia Cidre, the actress is further admired for roles she has played in movies and TV shows like Supergirl, Veronica Mars, Waffle Street, A Cinderella Story, Christmas with the Kranks, and much more. These roles have endeared her to thousands of movie-lovers across the globe who keep up with her private life as much as they follow her career. Apart from wondering how she got the scar on her face, her fans have also been curious about her upbringing, love life, and what have you.

10. The Actress Got Her Facial Scar from a Childhood Accident

While there has been so much inquiry into how Julie Gonzalo got the visible facial scar on the bridge of her nose, all that is known is that she was not born with the scar but sustained it in an accident that happened when she was still a child.

For reasons that are not certain, the actress has not said much about the scar. Nonetheless, this does not mean she feels insecure about it. If anything, she is proud of it and wears it with grace; she could easily conceal it with makeup but has refrained from doing this.

To the best of our knowledge, the scar has not had any negative impact on her career. In fact, it has been expressed in several quarters that it added a measure of character to some of the roles she has played. Apart from the facial scar, the Dallas actress has another scar on her upper left arm; it a scar she got from being vaccinated for smallpox.

9. She Was Born In Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Began Her Career In Showbiz as a Model

As she was named at birth, Julieta Susana Gonzalo debuted as a professional actress in 2001 but that isn’t where her career started. From what we gathered, her showbiz career began as a model. While at that, she developed an interest in acting and started attending theater classes.

To the best of our knowledge, Julie currently lives in Los Angeles, but this wasn’t where she was born. She was born in the largest city and capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. Her family reportedly moved to America and settled in Miami Beach, Florida, when she was eight years old.

8. Julie Gonzalo Is Fluent In Spanish

Even though she has been living in the United States of America since she was eight years old, the beautiful actress keeps in touch with her roots. It is no secret that she is fluent in Spanish. She is known to speak Spanish to Spanish-language media platforms while promoting her works and this has endeared her to Latinos. She has further starred in several Spanish-language productions, including the 2007 film, To Rob a Thief.

7. The 42 Years Old Actress Had a Rough Time After She Moved To The United States

Many might be envious of the status Julie Gonzalo has attained in the entertainment industry as an actress but it wasn’t a walk in the park for her. She struggled to build a name for herself in the competitive industry and it dates back to when she moved to America. She spoke no English and it made it difficult for her to cope in school. She didn’t only have to get educated but learn English first and how to get along. Reports have it that she first schooled at Ruth K. Board Bay Harbor Elementary School. Thereafter, she proceeded to Highland Oaks Middle School and then North Miami Junior High School.

Right after high school, she began modeling and hated every bit of it. Even when she started pursuing a career as an actress, things were not easy for her. Among other odd jobs, she worked as a receptionist at a nail salon and kept on begging friends for rides to attend auditions as she didn’t own a car. In all of these, Julie was grateful she came from a very supportive family. It was her brother that bought her a ticket with which she flew to Los Angeles to intensify her pursuit of a career in acting.

6. She Made Her Acting Debut In 2001 At The Age of 20

Determined to make a living out of acting, Julie Gonzalo pulled off her first acting role when she was 20 years old. She played Cherry Moss in a short movie titled The Penny Game. The film directed by Connie DiCicco was released in August 2001. Thereafter, she was seen in I’m with Lucy, Special, and Greetings from Tucson. Soon, she was invited for what she regards as her first big acting audition. Julie was to audition for a role on the popular CBS soap opera, As the World Turns. She had scheduled to fly to New York for the audition on the 12th of September 2001. But as fate would have it, she couldn’t see that through as the 9/11 attacks happened.

Pushing forward, the actress was seen as Brooke on the TV movie, Exit 9, and Sarah Schaefer on the “Hung Out to Dry” episode of NCIS; these were both in 2013. That same year, she played Stacey Hinkhouse on Freaky Friday. The fantasy-comedy film directed by Mark Waters had her star beside Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan. Based on Mary Rodgers’ novel of the same title, the movie became a turning point for the actress. She landed more roles and it was only a matter of time before she got her breakthrough in the business.

5. Her Breakthrough Came In 2006 With The Role of Parker Lee In Veronica Mars

After many years of hard work, Julie Gonzalo was set to gain massive mainstream recognition. This came in 2006 when she was hired to play Parker Lee on the television series created by Rob Thomas, Veronica Mars. Joining the teen noir mystery drama series in its third season, Julie appeared in a total of 21 episodes from 2006 to 2009. Being Parker Lee earned her a lot of admiration from viewers and paved the way for the actress to land other roles on popular television series.

For instance, she played Maggie Dekker in 25 episodes of Eli Stone, a legal comedy-drama series, from 2008 to 2009. It was a major role that won her the ALMA Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series; this was in 2008. The following year, the role earned her another nomination for the same award. Her next major role became the work that has defined her career. From 2012 to 2014, the Argentine-American actress played Pamela Rebecca Barnes in 40 episodes of Dallas. Playing a major character in three seasons of the prime time television soap opera is considered the most significant work of her career thus far, and rightly so.

Apart from the fact that the show was popular, it earned her an ALMA Award nomination for Favorite TV Actress in a Drama Series in 2012; which was followed by an Imagen Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress in Television (2013). Since 2019, Julie has been playing a major role as Andrea Rojas on the superhero television series, Supergirl.

4. Julie Gonzalo Loves Working With The Hallmark Channel and Has Been Featured In Several of Their Projects

Over the course of her career, Julie Gonzalo has been a part of no fewer than 20 movies and more projects made for the small screen. Almost all of her television films are Hallmark Channel productions. To the best of our knowledge, her first project with the channel owned by Crown Media Holdings, Inc. was 2016’s Pumpkin Pie Wars wherein she played Casey McArthy alongside Rico Aragon and Michele Scarabelli. The movie directed by Steven R. Monroe was written by Nina Weinman and released on the 15th of October 2016.

The following year, she was seen in two Hallmark television films: How to Train Your Husband and Falling for Vermont. Her next Hallmark film was The Sweetest Heart. She played Maddie, the major character, alongside Chris McNally and Tammy Gillis. Thereafter, she was seen in 2019’s Flip that Romance as Jules Briggs and most recently, in 2020’s Jingle Bell Bride as Jessica Perez. The movie directed by Allan Harmon also stars Ronnie Rowe and BJ Harrison.

Commenting on her appearances on Hallmark Channel productions, the actress admitted that there is something about the Hallmark brand that keeps attracting her to their projects. Expressing that it’s probably their heartfelt storylines, Julie buttressed that the world is full of so much fear and chaos that many people like her are eager to believe that there is some measure of genuine love and happiness out there. For her, Hallmark films inspire people to not give up on finding happiness.

3. She Regards Jaime Lee Curtis As One of The Most Talented Persons She Has Worked With

Beyond being a Hollywood Walk of Famer, Jamie Lee Curtis has received so many accolades in her career that are just too many to count. She is one of the most accomplished actresses out there and it’s hard to find anyone who would assert that she isn’t talented. For Julie Gonzalo, the 65 years old American actress is one of the most talented people she has worked with. Julie and Jamie first worked together on Freaky Friday in 2003 and then on Christmas with the Kranks the following year.

In an interview with Peoplenespanol, Julie who played Jamie’s daughter in the 2004 film narrated that the older actress thought her about acting and how to sustain her career for many years. She described Jamie as a “beautiful human being”, pointed out that she has worked with many talented people, but upheld that Jamie is the best person she has worked with. According to her, the advice Jamie gave her when they shared a trailer on the set of Christmas with the Kranks has been very helpful to her in the cut-throat industry.

2. The Dallas Actress Is Also a Producer

For someone active in the movie industry since 2001, it is only progressive that Julie Gonzalo hasn’t limited herself to only acting. Beginning her career as a model, she struggled to establish herself as a mainstream actress. Now that she has actualized that, Gonzalo is gradually exploring other aspects of the business, especially as a producer. The first time she worked in that capacity was in 2007 when she executed the production of a short film titled Silent Night. The dramatic piece revolves around a dysfunctional couple and was directed by Brinton Bryan. Released in January 2007, Julie starred in the film with Brandon Quinn.

2009 came and she produced another short film titled Pink Eye. Released in August of the aforementioned year, the movie is about William (Ryan Alosio) who woke up with pink eyes on a very important day of his life. Also starring Rachel True and Larry Anderson, Brinton Bryan directed the short comedy film which he co-wrote with Jett Garner. Alongside Gonzalo, Meredith Meade, Heather Longerbeam, and Brinton Bryan produced the film. It remains to be seen if the actress would take on more projects as a producer.

1. Julie Gonzalo Isn’t Married and Is Possibly Single

The actress has played a wife and romantic partner in several of her works and this has left many wondering what her love life looks like in real life. Unfortunately, Julie Gonzalo is one of those popular figures that prefer to keep their private life away from public scrutiny.

Over the years she has been active in the entertainment industry, she has not been romantically linked to anyone; neither has she encouraged any discussion about her love life. Because of this and the fact that she has never been married, several platforms have reported that she is single. This is not necessarily true as the actress might be seeing someone and keeping it a secret.

Julie Gonzalo's Facial Scar and 9 Other Things To Know About The Actress (2024)


What ethnicity is Julie Gonzalo? ›

Julieta Susana "Julie" Gonzalo (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈxuli ɣonˈsalo]; born September 9, 1981) is an Argentine-American actress.

Did Chris McNally and Julie have a baby? ›

Hallmark stars Chris McNally and Julie Gonzalo have kept their romance quiet over the years — including the arrival of their first baby. "Our hearts are full," Gonzalo captioned a June 2022 photo of their newborn grabbing both parents' fingertips.

How did Julie Gonzalo meet her husband? ›

The pair have been linked since 2017 when they worked on the Hallmark film, The Sweetest Heart. Since then, their love has blossomed and the two have even started a family together. Here, we get to know Julie Gonzalo and Chris McNally better and take a look at their relationship over the years!

Does Julie Gonzalo sing? ›

Her full name is Julieta Susana Gonzalo. The film producer, actress, and singer is of Spanish and Argentinian descent, but she is of Argentine and American nationality.

What Hallmark movies has Julie Gonzalo been in? ›

Julie Gonzalo starred as Andrea Rojas/Acrata in The CW's hit series “Supergirl.” Previously for Hallmark, Gonzalo has starred in “Cut, Color, Murder,” “Jingle Bell Bride,” “Flip That Romance,” “The Sweetest Heart,” and “Falling for Vermont.” Gonzalo appeared opposite Danny Glover in the independent darling Waffle ...

What ethnicity is Julie Christie? ›

Julie Christie (born April 14, 1941, Chukua, Assam, India) is a British film actress renowned for a wide range of roles in English and American films of the 1960s and '70s, as well as for her offbeat, free-spirited personality.

Are Julie Gonzalo and Chris McNally still together? ›

Julie has been in a relationship with actor Chris McNally since meeting on the set of Hallmark Channel's The Sweetest Heart. They have been together for many years and they welcomed their first child together in June 2022.

Are any Hallmark stars married to each other in real-life? ›

There are actually so many Hallmark Channel stars who have found real-life love off-screen! There are over 10 couples that we know of so far, with one engaged, a couple more just got married, and one just welcomed their first baby together.

Which Hallmark stars had a baby? ›

Congratulations are in order for Julie Gonzalo and Chris McNally! The Hallmark stars have welcomed a baby together, Gonzalo announced on Instagram Sunday. The Cut, Color, Murder star, 40, shared a sweet photo featuring an infant's hand wrapped around Gonzalo and longtime partner McNally's fingers.

Does Hallmark reuse actors? ›

One thing you probably have noticed, though, is that Hallmark often reuses the same actors in several movies. Plenty of actors get their start on the Hallmark channel, but others seem to have found a comfortable niche there, such as "Mean Girls" star Lacey Chabert, who's the undisputed queen of Hallmark.

Are there any real life couples on When Calls the Heart? ›

Over the years, real-life couples have graced the screen in Hallmark movies and shows. For some couples, their love stories actually began on the set of a Hallmark project. When Calls the Heart stars Erin Krakow, Chris McNally and Kevin McGarry all met their partners while working for Hallmark.

How old was Gonzalo when he first visited America? ›

Answer: : In 'A Sunny Morning', Gonzalo says the first time he went to America, he was only six years old.

Where is Blair from Christmas with the Kranks now? ›

Julie Gonzalo as Blair Krank

Gonzalo later landed a lead role in the mystery drama Veronica Mars in 2006, and she made a surprise appearance in the fourth season 13 years later. Gonzalo held a lead role in the soap opera Dallas for its three seasons, and in 2019, she joined the cast of Supergirl.

Does Julie Gonzalo have a baby? ›

Hallmark stars Chris McNally and Julie Gonzalo have kept their romance quiet over the years — including the arrival of their first baby. “Our hearts are full,” Gonzalo captioned a June 2022 photo of their newborn grabbing both parents' fingertips.

What ethnicity is Julie Robinson? ›

Belafonte, the Black Caribbean American entertainer and activist, had an eclectic career in the arts. At various times she was a dancer, a choreographer, a dance teacher, an actress and a documentary film producer.

What nationality is Julie Warner? ›

Juliet Mia Warner (born February 9, 1965) is an American actress.

What ethnicity is Julie Carmen? ›

Carmen was born in New York City of Afro-Cuban and Spanish/German ancestry.

What nationality was Julie London? ›

Julie London was an American singer, game show panelist and prolific character actress of stage, film and television.

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