Admin/Power User - Sapphire Training Videos (2024)

  • Account Registration

    Signing into Sapphire for the first time or after your account has been reset.

  • Patient Search

    Searching for a patient by name, date of birth, ID number, orders (i.e., medication, vital, or treatment), diagnosis, location, facility, release status; performing various functions on the Patient Search page.

    • Creating and Editing a Patient Chart

      Manually adding a patient chart; editing patient profile information (e.g., demographics, patient image, active/release status, etc).

    • Allergy Management

      Adding and removing a patient allergy; explanation of allergy types.

    • Diagnosis and Procedure Code Management

      Viewing, adding, and removing a diagnosis or procedure code in the patient’s chart; descriptions of associated chart functions.

    • Medication Order Entry

      Comprehensive instruction on placing a medication order; demonstration and explanation of most order elements (e.g., clinical screening, selecting medication, creating instructions, scheduling, recurrence, sourcing/delivery of medication, etc).

    • Non-Formulary Orders and Queue

      Unique elements of a non-formulary medication order (i.e., identifying these orders, renewal date, required information, approval groups); managing pending orders in the Non-Formulary Queue.

    • Vital/Treatment Order Entry

      Comprehensive instruction on placing a vital or treatment order; demonstration and explanation of most order elements (e.g., creating instructions, scheduling, recurrence, etc).

    • Placing a Protocol order (i.e., order set) for a patient.

    • Stand Alone Vital Readings

      Entering a vital value in the patient chart without an active order; two methods discussed: Single Vital and Quick Vital Form.

    • Medication Maintenance – Discontinue

      Manually discontinuing an active medication order.

    • Medication Maintenance – Renewal

      Renewing (or re-authorizing) a medication order in a patient’s chart; two methods discussed: the regular Renewal option and the Quick Renewal option.

    • Medication Maintenance – Refill

      Requesting a refill of a patient-specific medication order from your contracted pharmacy.

    • MedPass – Performing MedPass

      Documenting active patient orders in MedPass; downloading Medpass, patient search/filtering, explanation and documentation of statuses (e.g., administered, refused, etc), uploading results, etc.

    • MedPass – Generating a Preplist

      Produce lists of active medication, treatment, and/or vital orders in MedPass. Preplists are generally used to assist staff in preparing for or administering scheduled orders.

    • Approval of Convenience Queue

      Passive approval queue that contains all patient-specific medication orders placed on behalf of a prescriber; approving, declining, and filtering orders.

    • Non-Formulary Approval Queue

      Reviewing and approving non-formulary medication order requests; approving, declining, sending messages, and navigating the queue.

    • Clarification Queue

      Contains all patient-specific orders that are pending further input from medical staff. Orders are assigned to this queue by your contracted pharmacy, if there is a problem identified. Instructions include approving and declining orders.

    • Renewal Queue

      Contains all patient-specific medication orders set to expire within a given timeframe; filtering, removing, and renewing orders (two methods: regular Renewal option and Quick Renewal option).

    • Refills Due Queue

      Queue containing all patient-specific medication orders that are eligible to be refilled by your contracted pharmacy; requesting refills and removing orders from the queue.

    • General and Medication Issue Queues

      These queues contain non-patient-specific workflow items and patient-specific medication issues, respectively; addressing items and navigating the queues.

    • Schedule Exceptions Queue

      Contains all patient-specific orders that need to have administration times assigned to them. Unresolved orders in this queue will not display in Medpass to be administered. Instructions inlcude how to address queue items.

    • Release Medication Order Entry

      Ordering medications from your contracted pharmacy for a patient’s release from your facility; placing and reviewing release medication orders.

    • Release Medication Administration

      Documenting the administration of release medications.

    • Reporting – MAR Generation

      Producing PDF versions of medication administration records; generating and retrieving single-month and multi-month MARs.

    • Vital Flow Sheet

      Accessing and reviewing recorded vital values for a patient; viewing flowsheets and toggling views between a graph and a list of results.

    • Reporting – Standard Reports

      A reporting section containing many commonly used reports; configuring report parameters, filtering results, saving favorite reports, and ways to access this reporting feature.

    • Multi-Stock Order

      Ordering facility stock items using a customized list of items.

    • Multi-Stock Maintenance

      Customizing facility stock order forms; creating forms and adding and removing form items.

    • Medication Check-In

      Acknowledging receipt of medication orders from your contracted pharmacy; scanning items and marking received items as damaged.

    • Protocol Management

      Creating and editing Protocol order sets; creating new forms and adding orders (i.e., medication, vital, and/or treatment) to forms.

    • User Account Creation and Modification

      Creating and configuring a new user account; editing a user account profile; searching for users; resetting as password; assigning facilities, roles, permissions, and non-formulary statuses; lock, unlock, and disabled an account.

    • Unlock or Lock User Accounts

      A quick, power-user method for locking and unlocking a user account. Instruction includes searching for users.

    • Resetting User Account Passwords

      A quick, power-user method for resetting a user account. Instruction includes searching for users and establishing a new temporary password for a reset account.

    Admin/Power User - Sapphire Training Videos (2024)


    What is the number for Chase Sapphire benefit administrator? ›

    Submit a Chase Sapphire rental car insurance claim at Eclaims Line, or call the benefits administrator at 1-888-320-9656.

    Is Chase Sapphire preferred car rental insurance primary or secondary? ›

    This coverage will reimburse you for any damage or theft to the vehicle while in your control. Plus, Chase will cover any "loss-of-use" charges, and administrative and towing fees imposed by the rental company. This coverage is primary. That means you won't need to file with your personal auto insurance company first.

    What is power platform admin? ›

    Power Platform administrator

    Users with the Power Platform admin role can: Sign in to and manage multiple environments. Power Platform admins are not affected by security group membership and can manage environments even if not added to an environment's security group.

    How to file a claim with Chase Sapphire Reserve? ›

    To file a claim for Chase Sapphire Reserve® travel insurance benefits, call 1-888-675-1461. You can also file a claim online through the Eclaims Line website.

    Why did I get denied from Chase Sapphire? ›

    Chase 5/24 rule: Too many new credit cards

    One big rule of applying for Chase credit cards is the Chase 5/24 rule: If you have opened five credit accounts within the past 24 months, Chase will not approve your application for a new card.

    Does Chase Sapphire check income? ›

    While there isn't a specific income requirement for a card, evaluating your access to income allows a bank to determine your credit health and whether or not they want to lend you money based on their confidence in your ability to make your payments.

    Does Chase Sapphire cover TSA PreCheck? ›

    Chase Sapphire Reserve is a premium travel credit card that charges an annual fee but provides several perks and benefits. One benefit is reimbursem*nt for a TSA PreCheck, Global Entry or NEXUS fee. Reimbursem*nt would be issued in the form of a statement credit up to $100.

    Is Chase Sapphire Preferred worth it? ›

    Yes, the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card is worth it, especially if you travel frequently. It's an ideal card if you're looking to get a travel card without spending hundreds of dollars per year on fees, and the benefits it offers can easily offset the $95 annual fee if you take full advantage of them.

    Can I own both Chase Sapphire Preferred and Reserve? ›

    Chase doesn't allow you to be the primary account holder on both the Sapphire Preferred and Reserve cards. So if you already have one Sapphire card, you can't apply for the other.

    What is the difference between power user and administrator? ›

    Administrator: Administrators have full system access, including access to Settings and Utilities. Power User: Power Users have similar access to Administrators but without access to Settings and Utilities.

    How much do Power Platform administrators make? ›

    As of Jun 21, 2024, the average hourly pay for a Power Platform Administrator in the United States is $21.62 an hour.

    Does a Power Platform admin need a license? ›

    Microsoft 365 Global Admins, Power Platform Admins, or Dynamics 365 Admins will need a license added in order to be assigned Read-Write permission in the Access Mode. See Assign Microsoft 365 licenses to users.

    How do I get cash from Chase Sapphire? ›

    You can use your credit card to withdraw cash at an ATM or from one of our branches. To use an ATM, you must have a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the credit card. To get a PIN, please call the number on the back of your card.

    Can I get Chase Sapphire bonus again? ›

    Yes. You can receive a Chase Sapphire bonus more than once. If it's been more than 48 months since you've last earned a bonus on either the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Sapphire Reserve card, you can earn the bonus again.

    Will Chase refund me if I get scammed? ›

    With Chase's Zero Liability Protection you won't be held responsible for unauthorized charges made with your card or account information.

    What is the phone number for Chase card benefit services? ›

    If your card has been lost, stolen or damaged, call us at 1-800-945-2000. A customer service specialist will assist you with replacing your card.

    What number is 1 800 493 3319? ›

    Chase Sapphire® customers please call 1-800-493-3319. You may submit them online if you are a Chase customer at You may fill out, sign and send back this form to us in the attached envelope. Detach at the dotted lines and fold in half.

    What is the number to Chase Sapphire card support? ›

    If your card has been lost, stolen or damaged, call us immediately on the Chase customer support number available in your wallet or on one of these numbers. Credit Card: 1-800-432-3117.

    What is the number for Chase Sapphire Reserve roadside assistance? ›

    Need to know more? Download your complete Guide to Benefits here. Or call 1-800-847-2869 for information.

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