13 Best Panic! At The Disco Lyrics (2024)

13 Best Panic! At The Disco Lyrics (2024)


What was Panic at the Disco's biggest hit? ›

I Write Sins Not Tragedies” (A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, 2005) It's not often you can say that a song defined a genre, but Panic!'s breakout hit definitely did. It's arguably one of the most recognizable sounds from the early 2000s pop-rock boom that the band helped to spearhead.

What was Panic at the Disco's first hit? ›

“I Write Sins Not Tragedies” was the first song Panic! At The Disco selected specifically as a single for the radio. Brendon Urie once explained that during A Fever You Can't Sweat Out's initial release, Panic! had five songs from their debut album playing on the radio.

What genre is Panic at the Disco? ›

Panic! at the Disco has been described as pop rock, pop, baroque pop, electropop, alternative rock, emo pop, pop-punk, dance-punk, emo, dance-pop, and synth-pop. Urie has cited bands/artists such as Frank Sinatra, Queen, David Bowie, Tom DeLonge, Weezer, Green Day and My Chemical Romance as his biggest influences.

How many songs has Panic at the Disco made? ›

All 96 Panic! at the Disco songs, ranked | by James Krause | Medium.

Is Panic at the Disco emo? ›

Other emo pop bands that achieved mainstream success throughout the decade included Fall Out Boy, the All-American Rejects, My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco and Paramore. The popularity of emo pop declined in the 2010s, with some prominent artists in the genre either disbanding or abandoning the emo pop style.

What has the most #1 hits? ›

Only 11 artists in history have earned the distinction. The elite list features nine solo artists and two groups. The Beatles lead all acts, with a whopping 20 No. 1s — they've had the most since 1965, when they surpassed Elvis Presley.

Why did panic break up? ›

“Sometimes a journey must end for a new one to begin.” Urie cited the impending birth of his first child as one reason for breaking up the band, adding: “We've been trying to keep it to ourselves, though some of you may have heard.. Sarah and I are expecting a baby very soon!

What is panic at the disco named after? ›

Childhood friends Ross, Wilson, and Smith originally created a band called Pet Salamander, then Summerleague Rock. Once Urie joined they become Panic! at the Disco (a name taken from a variation of a Smith's song).

Was Ryan Ross supposed to be the lead singer? ›

originally formed, guitarist Ryan Ross was supposed to be the lead singer. That all changed when the other members heard current frontman Brendon Urie sing during a rehearsal, deciding that he would be a better choice for lead vocals. Ross did get his chance to shine, though, on “Pretty.

Is Panic at the Disco pansexual? ›

Brendon Urie is defining his sexuality. In a new interview with Paper magazine, the Panic! at the Disco frontman came out as pansexual. "I'm married to a woman and I'm very much in love with her, but I'm not opposed to a man because to me, I like a person.

Why was Panic at the Disco cancelled? ›

On January 24, 2023, Urie announced that he would be discontinuing Panic! at the Disco in order to focus on his family following the conclusion of the Viva Las Vengeance Tour.

Who is the girl in Panic at the Disco? ›

Nicole Sue Row (born June 30, 1991), is an American musician, singer and songwriter who served as the fourth bassist for American rock band Panic!

Is Brendon Urie religious? ›

Growing up Mormon in Las Vegas, Urie was taught to abide by the religious community's rules, until he couldn't anymore. As a teenager, he knew two things: He wanted to be a professional musician and the Mormon faith wasn't for him.

What is the oldest Panic at the Disco album? ›

That means forgetting that the band's 2005 debut A Fever You Can't Sweat Out has sold over 2.2 million copies to date; that their video for "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" became a #1 hit on MTV and snagged one of the network's video music awards for best video in 2006; and, finally, erasing from your mind all of the sold ...

Did panic at the disco quit music? ›

Panic! at the Disco, the emo-pop band that began in 2004, is ending its run after seven albums and nearly two decades. Brendon Urie, the band's frontman and last remaining original member, made the announcement on Instagram Tuesday.

What is Fall Out Boy's biggest hit? ›

1. "Sugar, We're Goin Down" This tongue-in-cheek song has the iconography, the sales, the headbanging-worthy music production, and the impact in pop punk music to be the clear #1 winner of our list. "Sugar, We're Goin Down" was released at a time when all eyes were on Fall Out Boy.

What was the first big disco hit? ›

The first mainstream disco hit was “Love to Love You Baby” by Donna Summer, released in 1975. This song was an instant hit and set the tone for the disco era. Other popular disco songs of the time included “Le Freak” by Chic, “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor, and “Dancing Queen” by ABBA.

Why did Brendon Urie quit Panic at the Disco? ›

at the Disco is ending after nearly two decades Brendon Urie, the band's frontman and last remaining original member, made the announcement on Instagram. He said with he and his wife expecting their first child, he wants to focus on his family.

How did panic at the disco become famous? ›

In 2005, Panic! at the Disco, which at the time included Urie, Smith, guitarist/lyricist Ryan Ross, and bassist Brent Wilson, was discovered by Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, who, after hearing demos the band uploaded to PureVolume went to Las Vegas to hear the band play in their garage.

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