What’s up

Since we started the DIY/RTA cabinets last December, it has been crazy.

It started to calm down the end of August which gave us  a chance to focus on some “in shop” improvements. We’ve added extra storage, improved work flow and the big one is software improvements.

Over the past year we’ve added 2 repeat customers.  Fox Remodeling in Virginia and Hilltop Cabinetry in Iowa.  These folks have recognized the value of having us cut the parts , all they have to do is assemble.  They are GREAT people to work with, as are all the individual homeowners that we have had the privilege to work with.

Two individuals that we did cabinets for had their contractors put them together, which I think is interesting. I talked to one of the contactors and he said that after he assembled these he will add these to his offering.  We like that!!!

Activity is now picking up.  Summer is over, kids are back in school and vacation’s have been taken.

The last shop project is to build a computer controlled stop block for the chop saw. It will automatically position the stop to the length that needs cut.  This will cut down time but more importantly, reduce human error.  All the parts have been ordered and should be here by the end of the week.

As with any “first time build” there will be a glitch or two to figure out.  That process will be the next post.



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