Price Reduction – Discount’s – Free or Reduced Shipping

RTA/DIY cabinet line update.

A fella called a couple days ago and asked “Are you sure your price for finishing is right?”  Sure enough it wasn’t.  I’d had a fat finger attack resulting in way high costs for the “finished” option.  It’s now corrected.  Thanks for the call Jim!!!!!!

We’ve also been looking at providing some volume discounts and shipping pricing on our spreadsheet for some time now.  After a few days of pouring over the numbers, we are now able to offer volume discounts as well as set “banded” shipping rates which ,at a certain volume, result in FREE SHIPPING.

These customer benefits are due to 2 factors.  Software enhancements we’ve made and a few shop made gizmo’s that have really help cut time.  These gizmo’s will be the topic of the next posts, so stay tuned.

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