Piant grade MDF Shaker style & Raised panel doors now available.

We’ve had some inquiries about paint grade MDF doors lately, so we are now offering them. It’s another product that we have the capability to produce in house, so why not?  In many parts of the world it’s the product of choice.

You can choose a “Shaker style” (Flat panel) or 1 of 6 standard raised panel options.  Custom raised panel options can be produced with little cost due do the fact that these are all made with no special tooling. If it looks like a real good profile we may create it for free and add it to our standard options.

MDF is medium density fiberboard, a man made product that takes paint great, is extremely stable and is a less expensive alternative to a true 5 piece door.  About the only disadvantage, is that the inside corners will have a slight radius (1/16″) rather then a sharp 90 degree corner.  For a painted application where budget is the main focus they can be a real good option.

Rentals or dorm rooms would be a perfect application for these.  You can have a very high quality cabinet case and drawers with a “face”  that is replaceable at a very low cost. The doors and drawer fronts are what take the beating. Rather than buy a really cheap cabinet where the whole thing needs to be replaced, get the quality in the guts of the cabinet and just replace the parts that take the beating.


These are my thoughts and do reflect the opinion of the management.

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