RTA / DIY Cabinets


Custom cabinets that you put together.


 Made in the USA!!

Welcome to our Do It Yourself (DIY) or Ready To Assemble (RTA) cabinets.

The greatest benefit is that you can say “I did it myself”!

If you can use a screw driver and apply glue to a joint, then you can have cabinets of the same quality as our custom cabinet customers.  If you don’t want to put them together have your contractor do it, or hire a high school kid.  And you can have your cabinets sized how you need them down to .001 inch. (if you can measure that accurately)

If you’ve  been looking at other RTA providers, hopefully you’ve noticed what they are made of and how they are constructed. The basic construction of our RTA cabinets is exactly like we do our custom cabinets.

 1/2″ pre-finished plywood is used for the cabinet box. (3/4″ material doesn’t make the box that much stronger it just adds to the weight and cost. If you want it you can order it and you can order melamine.) All joints are blind dado’s with assembly marks and labels to identify the part and it’s orientation to it’s mating part. Pocket screws allow easy assembly without clamps. ( no plastic cam lock stuff here, a little glue and a screw to hold it until the glue sets and you have a box exactly like we build our custom cabinets.)

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