General Information

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        Build your “Dream Kitchen” at up to a 70% savings vs

    similar quality pre-assembled cabinets

Free design service

American Made

  • You design it, (send a rough floor plan and we’ll help), you assemble, install and you can say -“I did this myself!”
  • Don’t worry about clearances for doors and drawers to pass  – we do that for you. In most cases no need for filler strips.
  • No one else provides you the ability  to order cabinets in the size you need them! 
  • If you don’t see exactly what you want, our custom shop can create it. Many times it’s minor adjustments which will add little or no cost.

If you can use a screw driver and apply glue to a joint, then you can have cabinets of the same quality as our custom cabinet customers.

Features and options can be found here, as well as from the fly out menu.

If you are not quite sure that you can do this yourself, test drive a sample first. Send us a note at requesting a sample cabinet. See what you will be getting, the quality, and ease of assembly for yourself. This is a 9″ wide, 14″ tall, 14″ deep cabinet which will include a drawer, MDF door, hinges and slides. The cost is $50.00 which will be refunded on any order over $1,000.00

  • If you’ve  been looking at other RTA providers, hopefully you’ve noticed that many of  those cabinets are made of vinyl coated particle board, 1/4″ backs, plastic cam locks or splines to hold them together.  This makes them inexpensive to produce, which makes them “cheap quality”.
  • The construction of our RTA cabinets is exactly like we do our custom cabinets. 1/2″ pre-finished plywood is used for all parts of the cabinet and drawers. (3/4″ material doesn’t make the box that much stronger it just adds to the weight.) but if you have to have it it is an option as well as melamine.
  • All joints are blind dado’s with assembly marks and labels to identify the part and it’s orientation to it’s mating part, making assembly virtually foolproof.

A video of assembling a sample cabinet can be found here. Once you dry fit one, you will see how simple and fool proof this system is.  More in depth videos covering each area of assembly will be available soon.

We invite you to compare our prices to our competitors, we aren’t the lowest price and we aren’t the highest, but we are the only company that you get cabinets sized the way you want them.  You also get best quality available, exactly the same as we give our custom cabinet clients.

You can access the page to price your cabinets by clicking here: Calculate your cabinet cost, or from the fly out menu.