Contractors /Cabinet makers/Retailers/Entrepreneurs/Home owners

Our DIY/RTA cabinets and custom machining services are being used by contractors, cabinet makers and retailers to expand their offerings and increase profits.

Contractors are either adding cabinets to their offering or offering higher quality cabinets at a lower cost.

Retailers are offering our custom sized DIY/RTA cabinets as a higher quality, lower cost option.

Cabinet makers are having us cut their parts as a way to decrease cost and increase accuracy (within .001″). We’ll cut 30 sheets of plywood for you a day easy. These will have all dadoes, tenons, assembly marks and hardware locating holes. Pocket hole assembly. Get the efficiency of the “Big Boys” with out the investment.  Take a look at our Cabinet Maker system.

How about working for yourself? Hook up with us. No inventory, no up front cost, no hassle.

Home owner?  Just get the best cabinets at the lowest cost. If you don’t want to put them together, have your contractor assemble them or hire a high school kid.

Custom Kitchen- click on the image for a large view

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