History of our Diy Cabinets & 6 mths success

When we first got our CNC machine, we thought that we could do cabinets for individual DIY folks.  At that point we had enough to learn just to run the machine!!!  In the 8 years since then, we’ve learned how to make this machine do things that even the manufacture has asked “how did you do that?’.

As the software has evolved and we learned how to maximize it, we’ve been able to get the process of cutting the parts down to where I could pull anyone off the street and within 20 minutes show them how to assemble these cabinets.  After that, turn them loose and they can continue to assemble without a worry.

When we got to that point in our custom shop, it was time to revisit the dream of making these available to the DIY folks who might be out there.  The biggest challenge was to develop the pricing. How would others be able to access it and be able to alter dimensions? Our solution was a spreadsheet, which is now in it’s 2nd major revision and is available for download.  It is also an online calculator, with some limitations. (the calculator and  limitations are described here.)

So the results –

My first Ginny pig was my brother in Vermont.

He’s not the handiest but he’s really good at taking pictures and website design. He laid the framework out for this site and takes the same approach with others.  If you can and want to do it yourself, great. He’s there to help if you need it.  (Think DIY  with a pro consultant.)

Back to the cabinet part.  We didn’t have all the bells and whistles that we do now, but even back then he successfully assembled them. He hasn’t complained and we continue to talk so I’m assuming he’s happy!!!

Since then we’ve got 3 of these done in Iowa and have:

  • shipped to California
  • shipped to Michigan

Current projects being cut:

  • Cabinet maker in North Dakota
  • 2 – Cabinet makers in Iowa
  • Homeowner in Pittsburg, PA

Verbal commitments have been made with and are just waiting for final cabinet sizes:

  • A contractor in Virginia
  • Homeowner in Minnesota
  • Homeowner in California

Samples have recently been sent out to:

  • Homeowner in Maryland
  • Rental property owner in California
  • Homeowner in Minnesota
  • Homeowner in Florida
  • Contractor in Indiana

I didn’t want much exposure on the web until we’d done a couple of these.  So I didn’t do any Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  The crawlers found us faster than I thought and about the 3rd week after we’d put it online we’d gotten the first inquiries.  Since then it has just continued to grow.  I may be sorry, but I’ve gone ahead and done the SEO.  This could get interesting!!




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