“He who dies with the most tools, wins”.


It’s been said “He who dies with the most tools, wins”.  I hope I caught up to the leaders with these additions.

# 1 is my automatic chop saw stop.  I’ve wanted one of these for a long time.  The only thing that stopped me was the $6,000.00 price tag.  It will do everything that it’s high priced brother will at 1/2 the price.  You can see it in action here.

Chop saw stop video

It doesn’t move as fast as it’s brother, but it moves faster than I can keep up feeding stock in and hauling away from it.  Why go faster?

The advantage of this is that, the software I use to design my cabinets, gives me the ability to produce the computer code to drive this. “0” mistakes.  That is HUGE!!!  Most programs give the ability to produce this code.

Contact me if you would like one of these. ccw@classiccustomwood.com

#2 is the digital indicator for my planer. I can make the cabinet boxes accurate to within .001″ –  if the width of the Face Frame parts aren’t exact, the overall cabinet size it off.  With this addition, we dial in the width of the part and it is exact within the same .001″.  We used to do this with a digital caliper.  The problem was that you found the size after the cut was made.  Another great improvement.


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