Hurricane Relief

We’re offering a 10% discount to anyone who has had damage due to the recent hurricanes in TX & FL   Let us know how we can help you rebuild.  

Free design – layout service

Classic Custom Wood is pleased to announce that we are offering a FREE DESIGN AND LAYOUT SERVICE for our RTA – DIY cabinet customers.  To find out more click here:


New quote system

Our new quote system for “Classic Custom Wood DIY/RTA cabinets” is up and running!  You can see it here.

It’s been a dream for over a year and 5 months of actively pursuing the dream.

The feedback we are getting is that it is much easier to use than our excel spreadsheet, but […]

Give us your thoughts, please.

It’s easy to get feedback from those who order from us.  What we need to hear is why those who come and look don’t order!!  Leave us you thoughts, please.  Thanks

Will you help us and take our 2 question survey?

We’d sure like your help, will you take our 2 question survey?

It’s important to know from the general public – not just the folks who order our Classic Custom Wood DIY/RTA cabinets – if what we are providing works for you.  We don’t ask for any info from you, just give us your […]

“He who dies with the most tools, wins”.


It’s been said “He who dies with the most tools, wins”.  I hope I caught up to the leaders with these additions.

# 1 is my automatic chop saw stop.  I’ve wanted one of these for a long time.  The only thing that stopped me was the $6,000.00 price tag.  It […]

Time savings #1


In the last post, I announced discounts and shipping additions on our DIY/RTA cabinets.  These enhancements are due to efficiencies that we’ve been able to implement and as promised I’ll detail them in this post and the next one.

This section deals with software, for lack of a better term.

Our orders come […]

What’s up

Since we started the DIY/RTA cabinets last December, it has been crazy.

It started to calm down the end of August which gave us  a chance to focus on some “in shop” improvements. We’ve added extra storage, improved work flow and the big one is software improvements.

Over the past year we’ve added 2 repeat customers.  Fox Remodeling […]

I’m excited

There aren’t many of you who will read that will think it’s exciting, but to me this is a big deal.

Our orders for DIY/RTA custom cabinets come in on an excel spreadsheet. In the past I would manually transfer the numbers for each cabinet to our main design software.  (Let’s talk about a pain in […]