Before I go any further—

I have never struggled with spelling, but others do struggle with my spelling!!!  After taking grief from both my sons about the first post, I figure I may as well let anyone else who reads these know the score ahead of time.

A dictionary is useless when you spell differently than Webster.  A spell checker is somewhat better because it gives multiple choices most of the time, and when it doesn’t I try to come up with a word that means the same.

Don’t blame my teachers or my parents.  I was tutored for 2 summers, before every one gave up.  I was relieved – do know how bad it sucks too have to spend your summer time with someone trying to teach you something way beyond your grasp?  (or maybe I just didn’t care)

And I’m told that grammar and punctuation is not strong suit either.

Anyway, if it’s spelled wrong, take a guess at what it is suppose to mean and give me a break.   THANKS!!!

If there are any spelling errors on this post – blame the spell checker.

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